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Commissioner Jacqueline McGowan-Jones Visits Julyardi Aboriginal Corporation in South Hedland

We were honored to host Commissioner for Children and Young People, Jacqueline McGowan-Jones, at Julyardi Aboriginal Corporation in South Hedland. It was an invaluable opportunity for our children to share their voices and perspectives on important topics shaping their lives and community.

🗣️ During her visit, Commissioner McGowan-Jones engaged in candid conversations with 16 children, between the ages of 2-25 years discussing a range of crucial topics including school, inclusion, home life, police/justice, safety, and food security. Our young ones had the chance to express their thoughts on how they perceive their community and offer insightful suggestions on how we can collectively make it even better.

It was truly heartening to witness our children being actively listened to and respected as valuable contributors to the dialogue. Their voices matter, and initiatives like this foster a culture of empowerment and inclusivity. 📚🏠👮‍♂️

Thank you, Commissioner Jacqueline McGowan-Jones, for your genuine commitment to hearing the voices of our youth and working towards a brighter future for all.

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